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A Quick Guide to Choosing an RV Storage Facility

First and foremost, it is about security. Your RV is a valuable asset, and it's important to ensure its safety when you're not using it. A good storage facility should have robust security measures in place, such as surveillance cameras, regular security guard visits, and sturdy fencing. Security is a primary concern when it comes to RV storage. A good storage facility should have robust security measures in place.

Look for features like 24/7 video surveillance, secure fencing, and security personnel. Access control systems, such as keycard access or personalized gate codes, add an extra layer of security. Additionally, check if the facility has measures in place to handle emergencies like fires or floods.

Exposure to harsh weather elements like rain, sun, and snow can cause significant damage to your RV over time. By opting for a covered or indoor storage facility, you can protect your RV from these damaging elements and maintain its condition. Each type of RV storage option has its pros and cons.

  • Open storage is the most affordable option, but it offers the least protection; your RV is exposed to all weather conditions and potential security risks.
  • Covered storage offers moderate protection and is relatively affordable. However, it might not provide complete protection against all weather elements.
  • Indoor storage provides the highest level of protection and security but comes at a higher cost. Also, not all facilities offer indoor storage for larger RVs.

Convenience plays a vital role in choosing a storage facility. You would want a storage facility that is easily accessible, offers flexible hours, and provides additional services like cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, it's essential to weigh all these factors when selecting an RV storage facility.

Lastly, consider the cost of the facility. While you want the best protection for your RV, it should also fit within your budget. The cost of RV storage can vary greatly depending on the type of storage, location of the facility, and additional services offered. Generally, open storage is the cheapest option, while indoor storage is the most expensive.

It's important to compare prices from different facilities before making a decision. Also, consider any additional costs like security deposits, late fees, and costs for extra services