Calgary, Alberta RV Storage Locations

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Beyond guiding you to Calgary RV storage locations, let us also enlighten you with 10 fascinating facts about Calgary, Alberta.

1. Historical Significance: Calgary derives its name from Calgary Bay on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. Originally, Calgary was a hub for fur trade being established in 1875 by the North West Mounted Police.

2. Cultural Blend: Calgary is a multicultural city with over 120 languages spoken. This reflects in the city's diverse food scene, festivals, and cultural events.

3. Stampede City: Calgary hosts the Calgary Stampede annually, one of the world's largest rodeos and outdoor shows. Also known as the "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth", the event attracts over a million visitors each year.

4. Olympic Legacy: Calgary was the first Canadian city to host the Winter Olympics in 1988. The Calgary Olympic Park remains a major tourist attraction and training venue for high-performance athletes.

5. Skyscrapers: Calgary is home to the tallest building in Canada outside of Toronto - The Brookfield Place tower, standing at 247 meters high.

6. Natural Beauty: Calgary is located just an hour's drive from the Rocky Mountains, providing residents and visitors with stunning views and a plethora of outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and mountain biking.

7. Economic Powerhouse: Calgary has the highest concentration of headquarters in Canada, second only to Toronto, making it a significant economic center. The city's economy is dominated by the oil and gas industry.

8. Educational Hub: The University of Calgary is one of Canada's top research universities and has produced over 170,000 alumni in 152 countries, including the current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

9. Stephen Avenue: This pedestrian-only street is a historical site that houses some of the oldest buildings in the city. It is renowned for its dining, shopping, and lively entertainment scene.

10. Climate: Despite its cold winters, Calgary is Canada's sunniest major city, and one of the sunniest in the world, with an average of over 2,300 hours of sunshine per year. Moreover, due to its proximity to the mountains, Calgary often experiences a unique weather phenomenon known as "Chinook" which can cause the winter temperature to rise dramatically.

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