Medicine Hat, Alberta RV Storage Locations

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In addition to knowing safe RV storage places in Medicine Hat, here are 10 fun facts about Medicine Hat, Alberta you might like.

1. "Medicine Hat" Name Origin: The name "Medicine Hat" comes from the native word "Saamis," which translates to Medicine Man's Hat. According to local folklore, a man lost his hat while crossing a river, and after a medicinal plant was found in the hat, the area was named "Medicine Hat."

2. Average Sunshine: Medicine Hat is known as the "Sunniest City in Canada." It receives over 2,500 hours of clear skies on average per year.

3. Clay Industries: The city is known for its vast clay resources, leading to a thriving pottery and brick industry. For instance, Medalta Potteries is a working museum that offers a glimpse into this industrial past.

4. World's Largest Teepee: Medicine Hat is home to the "Saamis Teepee," the world's largest teepee. This massive steel structure is a major tourist attraction and stands as a tribute to Canada's native heritage.

5. Gas City: Medicine Hat is commonly known as "The Gas City" because of its vast natural gas fields. It was one of the first cities in Canada to utilize this natural resource for heating and cooking.

6. Famous People: Several notable people hail from Medicine Hat. This includes NHL players like Robyn Regehr and Jay Bouwmeester, and 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star, Trevor Donovan.

7. Unique Local Wildlife: The city's riverside parks and warm weather foster a diverse wildlife population, including many species of birds, deer, and even rare species like the Short-horned Lizard.

8. Eclectic Architecture: The architecture in Medicine Hat is a blend of historical and modern design. The Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre is a perfect example of this mix, serving as a modern arts venue within a historically significant building.

9. Artistic Community: Medicine Hat boasts a vibrant arts community. From art galleries like the Hive Artists’ Hub to various music festivals throughout the year, the city is a hub for artists and art lovers.

10. Natural Beauty: Located along the South Saskatchewan River, Medicine Hat offers stunning natural beauty. It provides opportunities for numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, canoeing, and more.