Montreal, Quebec RV Storage Locations

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Once you're settled with your RV storage in Montreal, let these 10 facts about Montreal, Quebec pique your interest.

1. Bilingual City: Montreal is the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, after Paris. However, English is also widely spoken, making the city truly bilingual.

2. Housing Expo 67: Montreal was the host of Expo 67, one of the most successful World's Fairs in history, attracting over 50 million visitors.

3. Underground City: Montreal boasts an "Underground City" - Réso, a sprawling network of interconnected shopping malls, hotels, offices, museums, universities, and metro stations, covering an impressive 32 kilometers.

4. Rich in Festivals: The city is famous for its vibrant cultural scene and hosts more than 100 festivals each year, including the International Jazz Festival, the largest jazz festival in the world.

5. Iconic Bagel: Montreal is known for its distinctive bagel, which is smaller, denser, and sweeter than the New York style bagel. It's traditionally baked in a wood-fired oven.

6. Oldest Skyscraper: Montreal is home to Canada's oldest skyscraper, the New York Life Building, completed in 1889.

7. Olympic City: Montreal was the first Canadian city to host the Summer Olympics in 1976. The iconic Montreal Olympic Stadium, also known as "The Big O", is a testament to this event.

8. Notable Residents: Many celebrities hail from Montreal, including Leonard Cohen, Celine Dion, and William Shatner.

9. Inventor of Poutine: Montreal is often credited as the birthplace of Poutine, a famous Canadian dish consisting of fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

10. Saint Joseph's Oratory: The city is home to Saint Joseph's Oratory, Canada's largest church, attracting millions of visitors each year for its stunning architecture and panoramic views of the city.