St. John, New Brunswick RV Storage Locations

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After dealing with RV storage in St. John, you might enjoy these 10 remarkable facts about St. John, New Brunswick.

1. Historical Significance: St. John, New Brunswick is Canada's oldest incorporated city, having received its charter in 1785. This rich history makes it a hub of historical landmarks and stories.

2. Unique Geography: It is uniquely located at the confluence of the St. John River and the Bay of Fundy, known for having the highest tides in the world.

3. The Reversing Falls Rapids: A unique phenomenon occurs in St. John called the Reversing Falls Rapids, where the high tide from the Bay of Fundy reverses the flow of the Saint John River.

4. Victorian Architecture: St. John is renowned for its beautiful Victorian architecture, with many preserved buildings dating back to the 19th century.

5. Market Square: St. John is home to Canada's first modern indoor market, the Market Square, which is bustling with local vendors selling a variety of goods.

6. Irving Nature Park: A unique feature of St. John, this park, built by the Irving family, covers over 600 acres and is designed to protect the diverse ecosystem of the region.

7. Uptown: Unlike most cities, St. John refers to its city center as "Uptown", a term that dates back to the 19th century when foggy weather would cause docksiders to move to the higher grounds of the city, thereby going "up to town".

8. Brewing History: St. John has a long history of beer brewing, dating back to the 1800s with the establishment of the Moosehead Breweries, which is still operational and is Canada's oldest independent brewery.

9. Loyalist City: St. John is often referred to as the 'Loyalist City' due to the influx of American Loyalists who settled in the area during and after the American Revolutionary War.

10. Stonehammer Geopark: St. John is home to North America's first UNESCO-supported Global Geopark, the Stonehammer Geopark, where visitors can explore 1.2 billion years of Earth's history.