Victoria, British Columbia RV Storage Locations

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While knowing where to find RV storage in Victoria is important, it's also interesting to learn these 10 facts about Victoria, British Columbia

1. Historic Capital: Victoria, established in 1843, is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada. It's named after Queen Victoria, who was the reigning British monarch at that time. Over time, it has preserved its rich history with numerous heritage buildings and historic sites.

2. Smallest City by Land Area: Despite being the capital, Victoria is the smallest city by land area in BC, covering just 19.47 square kilometers. However, it is densely populated and is home to over 92,141 people (2017).

3. The Garden City: Known as the 'City of Gardens', Victoria is famous for its blooming gardens and green spaces like the world-famous Butchart Gardens and Beacon Hill Park. This commitment to greenery is also seen in its commitment to maintaining a clean and sustainable environment.

4. Climate Advantage: Victoria has a temperate maritime climate, which is the mildest in Canada. It experiences warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters, making it a year-round destination for visitors.

5. High Tea Tradition: Victoria embraces its British heritage through the tradition of high tea. The Fairmont Empress Hotel, one of the oldest and most famous hotels in Victoria, has been serving high tea since 1908.

6. Abundance of Wildlife: The waters surrounding Victoria are home to a diverse range of marine wildlife, including orcas, seals, and various bird species. Whale watching is a popular activity for both residents and tourists.

7. Indigenous History: Victoria is located on the traditional territories of the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations. The city is rich in indigenous history and culture, evidenced by its totem poles and other indigenous art forms.

8. Educational Hub: Victoria is home to the University of Victoria, one of Canada's top comprehensive universities, and Camosun College, well-known for its vocational and technical programs.

9. Royal BC Museum: Victoria is home to the Royal BC Museum, one of the foremost cultural institutions in the world. The museum houses millions of artifacts, documents, and specimens of BC's natural and human history.

10. Thriving Arts Scene: The city boasts a vibrant arts scene with many theaters, galleries, and music festivals.